Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


Are you a language school?
No; we are a tutoring service and we offer one-to-one or one-to-small group language lessons which are created for you exclusively.
How much is a lesson?
English and French are £25 per hour on Zoom or in the Medway area. This can be paid face to face or online when teaching arrangements are in place. Other areas are a little more to cover travel costs.
Spanish, Italian, Russian and German are face to face cash only at similar prices.
How long are lessons?
Lessons are a minimum of 1 hour in Medway or 1.5 hours outside Medway.
Where do you teach?
Most students of English and French are taught in public places like libraries or cafés. For other languages the student generally goes to the tutor’s home.
Can I take an exam?
Yes, you can take an exam whenever and wherever you want. We can make recommendations if you need help choosing and, with English or French, can sometimes come with the student to the exam if wanted.
Can I cancel a lesson?
We can return money or give a credit if more than 24 hours’ notice is given of absence. When you pay in advance of your lesson, that time is reserved for you.
How many lessons will I need?
This depends on your starting point and what your goal is.  Some students have 2 or 3 lessons only, others have 2 or 3 per week for around 2 years.
Do you provide a certificate of achievement or attendance?
As private tutors, we do not provide any certificates.  However, we can provide a letter to say that a student has been taking lessons, if required.
Are you accredited tutors?
All our tutors have teaching certificates and many years of experience in language teaching.